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MACC Japanese Proficiency Levels

MACC has its own scale (10 levels from the Beginners' to the Advanced Level) of the Japanese language proficiency, with Standard Tests for each level accordingly. These were developed based on our expertise and detailed analysis of several prevailing textbooks. Each program is organized so that it fits in with one of the levels. The trainees can know exactly which level they are at when taking any of the courses.


MACC Standards for Japanese

The table below illustrates varied Japanese language proficiency levels defined by MACC, the cumulative lesson hours that are typically required to attain those levels and linguistic functions learned at each level. The accompanying Standard Tests enable a trainee to realize, within 1.5 hours, which of 10 learning levels from the Beginners to the Advanced he/she falls into, no matter what school, training materials or method the trainee has been exposed to previously.

Levels Cumulative Lesson Hours Can-Do Sample List
Superior 2,000 Can effectively communicate formally and informally in any unexpected situation
Can understand articles on non-specialist subjects, and write formal presentations and speeches
Advanced Ⅲ 1,500 Can cope with formal and difficult business situations using effective communication skills
Can understand articles on job-related publications, and write long formal business documents.
Advanced Ⅱ 1,000 Can express one's opinions clearly and communicate effectively by telephone and in a presentation
Can understand lengthy business-related materials and write fairly detailed reports
Advanced Ⅰ 700 Can use the proper style of honorific expressions and communicate in certain formal situations
Can read and write fairly long business and personal letters
Intermediate Ⅲ 500 Can discuss various topics with people personally close and exchange opinions with them
Can read and write simple job-related forms and letters
Intermediate Ⅱ 300 Can talk about matters of everyday interest including business matters
Can read and write fairly long notes related to occupation
Intermediate Ⅰ 200 Can use sentences of reasonable length to describe familiar matters
Can read and write short notes and recognize fairly long signs
Beginners Ⅲ 150 Can converse in simple, but fairly long Japanese in limited situations
Can recognize common signs and write simple notes
Beginners II 100 Can communicate and interact using simple sentences
Can recognize some kanji used in everyday life
Beginners I 50 Can cope with very simple daily situations
Can read kana and several kanji for survival use