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Bridging the gap

MACC is eminently well qualified to assist client companies and organizations in bridging the cultural gap which exists between Japan and other countries.
MACC is unique in the importance it attaches to the field of cross-cultural communication as well as its business consultancy services across all the usual specialist functions.

Bridging the gap
Bridging the gap
Bridging the gap
Bridging the gap
Bridging the gap
Bridging the gap
Bridging the gap
Bridging the gap

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What's NEW

MACC revamped website released

We are pleased to announce the launch of MACC newly revamped website released.

MACC YouTube channel started.

We started our YouTube channel for learning Japanese.

MACC “Web de Quiz”

MACC “Web de Quiz” started. Try and enjoy your Nihongo.
MACC “Web de Quiz”

MACC Culture Events

MACC spring party was held in Kobe. See more about parties in MACC Culture Events page.

Free Material for Learning Japanese

“MACC i Adjective List (No.1)" was uploaded in “Free Material for Learning Japanese.”

MACC original Textbook

New information for MACC original Textbook "Kanji Association Book Vol. 1"  You can enjoy learning 52 basic Kanji for daily use by our unique association method with tips and pictures.

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