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Flow of Enrollment and Japanese Courses
Contact MACC
Tel: +81-3-6260-9081 (Tokyo)
Tel: +81-78-341-0546 (Kansai)
Email to MACC Tokyo
Email to MACC Kansai
Explanation of How Course Proceeds
Needs Analysis
Placement Checking for Trainees with Previous Learning Background
Target & Schedule Finalized
Lesson Starts
Lessons Continue
(Brief Follow-up of Previous Lessons, Introduction to New Points, Vocabulary Building, Drills, Situational Dialogs, Role-play, Review of the Day, Mini-quiz, Homework Assignments & Consultation of How to Make Progress)
Small Monthly Review Quiz & Feed-back
Lessons Continue
Half-yearly Achievement Test & Progress Evaluation
Lessons Continue
Standard Test & Result Analysis Report
(Every 50 hrs for Beginners & every 100 hrs for Intermediate and Advanced Level)
Lessons Continue
Target Completed
Final Test & Evaluation & Certificate & Report