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Trainees' Evaluation System
MACC has various feedback and evaluation systems as shown below:

Types of Evaluation and Feedback
Types Trainees concerned Contents of discussion Frequency
Annual Evaluation All the trainees Teaching style, materials, course design, overall rating Once a year
Occasional feedback Trainees having completed one level and the trainees requiring a feedback Effective learning methods, target setting, etc. On completion of each level and when necessary
Hotline Trainees contacting MACC with their comments or requests Class contents, instructor's performance, etc. discussed individually between the trainee and the Director of the Studies When necessary

The overall satisfaction of trainees is very high with the scores of over 80% and the return rate of over 70%.

MACC Annual Evaluation Data (Japanese Lessons)
Year(Return Rate) 2014(72.3%) 2015(70.5%) 2016(70.4%)
Overall Rating
4.30(86.0%) 4.54(90.8%) 4.55(91.0%)
Design/Contents 4.13(82.6%) 4.30(86.0%) 4.28(85.6%)
Teaching Style 4.59(91.8%) 4.71(94.2%) 4.80(96.0%)
Training Materials 4.01(80.2%) 4.20(84.0%) 4.15(83.0%)