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Quality Control
MACC has various in-company quality control activities shown as below.

MACC Quality Control Activities
Activities Participants Objectives Frequency
General Japanese Teachers’ Meeting All the instructors To review the courses

To share information related
to language teaching

To improve teachers' presentation
and communication skills
Twice a month
Individual Meeting Individual instructors and the Director To discuss individual courses

To review instructors' personal
Once a year, and as and when needed
QC Groups All the instructors in groups To discuss, review and suggest improvements to all aspects of courses in progress Once a month
Annual Summer School All the instructors To review training methods and materials

To receive lectures in the professional field of teaching.
Once a year
Project Teams Majority of instructors To develop training materials

To improve the quality of instruction
Once a month
In-company Training New recruits To get familiarized with the MACC method and training materials

To acquire the necessary skills to effectively explain grammar points, conduct oral drills and offer an enjoyable course design

To exchange views about lessons
Twice a month (200 hours in total)