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MACC Method (CCS:Cross-Cultual Superimposition)
A highly effective Japanese language learning process has been developed specifically for business people, diplomats, and their spouses living in Japan.

(1) Adult learners are not newborn babies.

Every adult learner already possesses language skills. It is not necessary to deliberately avoid one’s own language when learning a foreign language. Rather, existing knowledge can be a valuable and effective reference. It can assist learners in understanding the comparative structure and context of the target language.

(2) Language and culture are inseparable.

Language is the essence of culture itself. Language is a medium for the communication of culture and patterns of thought. The attainment of communications skills in Japanese requires cultural immersion and a realignment of thinking, in addition to practical, pragmatic language learning.

(3) Language is better acquired by utilizing the synergy effect of four skills.

Speaking, listening, reading and writing can all be combined to achieve balanced and effective training. Through listening and reading, stimuli can be gained from native speakers, and words and expressions that have been accumulated can be used for self-expression in speaking and writing.

MACC Method Encourages a Logical Approach,
Furthers Cultural Understanding,
and Promotes Accuracy & Fluency for
Effective Communication.
(Frequently Asked Questions about the MACC Method)