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Key Performance Indicators
What are the key performance indicators used by MACC? How were these established? How are these reported to the clients and how frequently?

The key indicators that MACC uses internally are:

(1) Clients’ retention (renewal) of our services (80%+)

(2) Participants’ evaluation score (4.0+ out of 5.0)

(3) Progress of participants in Japanese language proficiency including their pass rates (75%+) in internal tests (that MACC organizes) and external tests organized by independent certification bodies.

These indicators were established based on our experience over 25 years in servicing hundreds of global corporations and foreign governmental agencies with varied corporate requirements. These indicators, apart from the retention rate of our clients, are frequently reported back to our clients. Over the years MACC has always attained scores which exceeds the indicators shown above. (Trainees' Evaluation System)