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Clients' Needs

The Necessity to Learn Japanese

Daily activities and business duties are essentially conducted through meetings with people, speech-making and access to various published sources and media. Language remains the only available means of communication and exchange of information.

(1) In daily life, Japanese is almost the only language that can be used to make a request, ask for information, interact with local people, etc. It is essential to acquire some level of the language to be independent and enjoy life here.

(2) If Japanese is not spoken, business meetings will be restricted only to those people who are able to use English for communication. This is still a minority, and as such is unrepresentative of the country and people as a whole.

(3) Access will be restricted only to publications and media using English. The scope of information and the depth of reports are extremely limited, certainly when compared to those readily available in Japanese.

Industry Trends

There are three distinctive trends in the industry of corporate Japanese language training services:

(1) Increasing demands of an integrated language service from the application process to budget control

Comprehensive language services are required to plan, execute and control the corporate program, thus minimizing the demands on a client's internal resources.

(2) Customized programs required to meet the individual's needs

While a corporate training program necessitates a standardized approach with clearly defined objectives and well-organized operations, actual execution of lessons for individual trainees requires personalized approaches to maximize the efficiency and productivity of learning.

(3) Value for Money

Clients require a cost-effective professional teaching strategy. Flexibility is required in cancellation, lesson scheduling, methodology, class format, class location, and lesson hours.