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Account Management
MACC has offices in Tokyo and Kobe, and schools in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe, from which the company can serve extensive geographical areas in both the Kanto and the Kansai regions of Japan. MACC currently has 60 fully qualified Japanese instructors, both male and female. Our instructors are of varying ages and backgrounds, which enables us to match instructors very closely to the individual needs of our trainees in terms of both learning style and lesson schedule. Should, for any reason, an instructor become unavailable, clients can be assured that the replacement will be of equal ability and competence. Every confidence can be had in our ability to maintain the flow of the corporate language training and to act as a highly efficient outsourcing agent.

MACC forms a dedicated account team for each corporate client with a large number of trainees.
Program Director

Chief Program Manager

Program Managers


Regular Instructor Assigned

MACC assigns a regular instructor to each program. Based on our professional experience, learning efficiency is generally enhanced at least 20-25% by adopting this system.

(1) Clearer responsibility assumed by the instructor for learning progress and outputs
(2) Tailor-made approaches taken by the instructor which meet the specific needs and learning style of the trainee
(3) Timely feedback and detailed counseling provided
(4) Consistency and quality control introduced to the entire program
(5) Learning efficiency increased, based on the cumulative knowledge and experience gained from completed lessons and the relationship established between an instructor and a trainee.