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Vox Populi: Some More of Our Trainees' Voices
- Being in Japan and having the Japanese tuition for me is not only learning a new language, but also enjoying the company of my teacher and the pleasant surroundings. It is not only the tuition itself. She also gave me an insight to look at daily Japanese culture.
- I would highly recommend this course to anyone.
- The materials match clearly with what's being taught and are geared to make you practice what's learnt in a systematic manner.
- I am pleased with my textbooks because they teach the right structures and words at the right time of my development. I cannot leave out that my instructor's supplementary exercises reinforce the structures I learn in my textbooks.
- He is the best language teacher I've worked with. He is knowledgeable, passionate, flexible, etc.
- I have enjoyed the benefit of having two instructors. Their style and materials used are complementary and helped my learning. I want to thank them for their patience, precise knowledge of what I had been taught and their ability to get me to talk.
- My instructor is very good about staying on track with the lesson. At the same time, she will not hesitate to take extra time for drilling or reviewing areas where I am having difficulty. I think she does a great job of balancing new information and reinforcing what has already been taught. I feel that this helps me with conversation. She is very encouraging. This certainly helps motivate a student. Domo arigato gozaimasu.
- I am enjoying my language lessons very much. Both instructors have been very effective instructors. I enjoy having different instructors for my lessons, as they each have a different teaching style (he is more structured and tailored to the textbook, whereas she is more flexible and creative) which works well in combination. He helps me to build up a base of important basics, whereas she helps to teach me more modern, colloquial Japanese. One particular point of note is that MACC and my instructors have always been very good about asking me specifically what I would like to learn and what kinds of scenarios I will likely face in Japan, and then tailoring their lessons to this. This has been very beneficial to me, and because of it I do not feel like any of the lesson time is wasted, and each lesson teaches me something that I will invariably use that same week outside of class in a business or personal situation. I am very appreciative of my instructors’ willingness to tailor their lessons to my needs.
- She is a great teacher. She speaks perfect English when communicating with her student. She always forces her student to speak Japanese. At every class she starts the conversation in Japanese. She knows the course materials very well. I really like the way she teaches the class and makes her student apply the language in daily conversation. She is very patient with her student. Without reservation, I want to give her my highest recommendation. I would definitely recommend her to my colleagues.
- It has been a pleasure to be a student of my teacher. He is a wonderful teacher who works with my questions and desire to learn not only the Japanese language but he has also been a cultural mentor that often helps bridge the gaps that I don’t understand between Western and Japanese culture. My successes in Japan are largely a result of his efforts.
- The language lesson is often the highlight of my week. My teacher does an amazing job of conveying the material so I can understand as well as patiently answering my questions. I like the mixed use of teaching materials like book, flash cards, picture stories, word puzzles, listening practice. As my training has progressed, I have found very beneficial the informal “conversations” we have at the beginning of the lesson. While I am not yet very conversational, the words and phrases I am learning have come in handy in my daily life. So, I feel I am building a good foundation with my teacher’s instruction. With my busy work and travel schedule, I don’t have as much time as I would like for lessons and practice, but I am trying harder to push myself to use what I have learned.
- I was originally nervous at the thought of learning Japanese. However, my teacher put me at ease right away. Her teaching style is very positive, giving me the confidence to pronounce an annunciate words as they should. We cover a lot of topics in just 40 minutes, and the material is perfect for my needs in Japan. My Japanese friends in Germany are amazed at how much I have learned in just eight short lessons. I couldn’t be more pleased with how things are going. Thank you!! (Virtual Live Lessons)
- Including MACC, I have used four different Japanese language programs in Japan. While the others were overall quite good, I have found MACC instruction to be of the highest quality and have recommended it to my peers accordingly. I am very pleased with my main teacher’s teaching plan and that each instructor utilizes their own style within that plan.
- It was really an honor to have been taught by such an experienced and great teacher. I learnt a lot in these classes and faced absolutely no difficulty in learning any part of the course, thanks to my teacher. She made learning Japanese so simple and easy that I didn’t realize when I had learnt all the difficult portions too. I really am short of words thanking her and all of you at MACC for giving me such a great experience. Thank you very much.
- This has been a very fulfilling 4.5 years with MACC. Your teachers truly spend a lot of effort and time in preparing for classes and ensuring highest quality of learning. The Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing) event and the Sake (Japanese rice wine) tour is also very well conducted and enjoyable. I was especially wowed by my teacher and her flexibility in dealing with hectic work schedules and changing student needs. (e.g. Noryoku shaken (Japanese Proficiency Test), Japanese culture learning, Hanko (Japanese Seal), Omiyage (Souvenir)). I would really like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful chance to learn Japanese that has definitely helped for my business work as well (gave product demonstration to my company sales force in Japanese that was highly appreciated, interviewed in Japanese by a person from the TV show). Kindly pass my positive feedback and I wish her the very best for her teaching career!!
- My sensei is a fantastic teacher. She is flexible in her teaching to adapt to the way I learn. She is incredibly patient, always positive, and encourages me. She has helped me to learn so much more than just the language, as she has shared her insights about Japanese culture and society during our conversations in Japanese. I feel so much more confident about functioning in everyday life scenarios in Japan directly because of my sensei’s teaching skills in helping me learn Japanese. I definitely appreciate her support, sincerity, initiative, and kindness. I definitely would like to continue studying with her, and highly recommend her to other international students. Thank you for this opportunity to provide important feedback about a great assess and professional on your MACC team.
- Japan is a beautiful country to explore. I feel blessed to have got this opportunity to witness the dynamic and vibrant culture of Nihon. My company and MACC’s unconditional support made it so easy for me to interact with Japanese people, enjoy shopping on the streets, commute through trains and many other things!! I am grateful to MACC and my Sensei for the efforts they took in teaching me Japanese. I thoroughly enjoyed my Sensei’s classes. She is a wonderful teacher and most importantly a beautiful person by heart. I will miss her, but I am sure the moments that we spent together in the class will remain fresh forever and never fade away. Thank you for having given me this chance to learn such a lovely language!!