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Other Japanese Programs

(c) Japanese Conversation Class
This course aims at improving oral and aural skills utilizing group activities such as role playing, topic discussion, simulation games, etc. The sessions are formed with more than three participants in each category from Beginners to the Intermediate Level. At Beginners Level, daily situations are covered using role playing, while at Intermediate Level, various familiar topics are discussed to exchange opinions.

(d) Homestay Program
MACC offers a Homestay Program usually combined with an Intensive Course. Trainees are totally immersed in the language learning, which results in quicker progress and better understanding of the Japanese way of thinking.

(e) Association Program (Kana)
Learn Hiragana and Katakana in 90 minutes!
MACC uses the amazing 'Association Method' for Kana (Japanese letters) learning. A picture is used for each Kana along with an English clue, which enables the participants to recognize Kana in an incredibly short time. A program with French clues is also available.

(f) Association Program (Kanji)
Recognize 50 Survival Kanji in just 90 minutes!
MACC has produced an amazing new 'Association Method' for Kanji (Chinese character) learning. A picture is used for each Kanji with an English clue, which enables the participants to recognize and enjoy understanding the meaning of Kanji in an incredibly short time. They are also introduced to the basic ideas of how Kanji are formed.

(g) Japanese Level Assessment by MACC Standard Test
MACC has 10 Levels from Beginners I to Superior Level. A trainee's level assessment will place him/her in an appropriate level. These levels are useful for gauging communication skills, reading comprehension, grammar, etc.