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Japanese for Specific Purposes
(f) Preparatory Course for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
MACC has specially designed and developed courses for each level of the Proficiency Tests. The Test consists of three parts of Kanji & Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension and Reading & Grammar. Past papers, textbooks with related questions and MACC handouts are used throughout this course. MACC also organizes and provides the original mock tests that have the same format and similar contents as those of the Test itself. The course concentrates on the anticipated questions and consolidates each point necessary for passing the Test. The pass rate is generally much higher than that of the average figure that the Examination Agency publicizes.
(g) Preparatory Course for BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test
MACC offers the preparatory course for BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test, whose aim is to measure the examinee’s communicative proficiency in business Japanese. The Test consists of three parts of “Listening Comprehension,” “Listening & Reading Comprehension” & “Reading Comprehension.” The course is mainly focused on knowledge of Japanese grammar, business-related vocabulary and expressions, kanji, reading typical formats in various business situations as well as information on Japanese way of thinking in business situations. MACC frequently provides practices on anticipated questions, and consolidates each point essential to obtain high scores in the Test.
(h) Speech, Presentation and Discussion
MACC designs and offers Japanese courses particularly focusing on the effective ways to make speeches and presentations, and of leading discussions. The trainee is exposed to different styles and tones of speeches by listening to various people. He/she can provide his/her business meeting situations and documents that are to be used to produce handouts and speaking practice exercises. These materials are treated as strictly confidential and are restricted to in-class use only.
(i) Kanji Reading and Writing

MACC offers Reading & Writing sessions at all levels of Japanese language proficiency. The trainee can particularly receive the benefits of an expanded vocabulary and improved reading comprehension and its speed. Beginners are introduced to how to consult a Kanji dictionary, and advanced trainees aim at reading newspapers, various business documents and handwritten personal letters without the help of a dictionary. The materials can be chosen according to the trainee's needs.