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Japanese for Specific Purposes
(d) Japanese for Housewives
Typical Functions to be covered: 80-hour Course (Sample)
- Can pay bills

- Can interact with the service people at a bank, post office, ward office, police
  station, beauty salon, cleaning shop, sports club, car dealer, gas station, etc.

- Can cope with emergencies

- Can explain symptoms to a doctor and understand prescriptions

- Can have things repaired; computer, electricity, gas, water supply, electric
  appliances, telephone, car, shoes, etc.

- Can have things properly done by a home helper, baby-sitter and gardener

- Can confirm schedule with various people concerned

- Can talk to a school teacher, other parents, piano teacher, janitor, landlord, etc.

- Can understand notices and obtain necessary information

- Can talk to the neighbors and get information about garbage collection,
  community activities, etc.

- Can ask for a delivery service

- Can answer the phone

- Can bargain at a bazaar, temple sale, etc.

- Can ask for the exchange of goods or refunds

- Can complain noises

- Can understand the foodstuff, ingredients, expiry dates, recipes, etc.