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Japanese for Specific Purposes
(a) Business Japanese
Typical Functions to be Covered: 300-hour Course (Sample)
- Can make a presentation to project team members on revised strategies

- Can make a presentation via a video conference to project team members at
  home and abroad on pricing and volume forecasts

- Can discuss at an inter-departmental meeting, a consumer research plan to
  identify possible latent consumers needs

- Can exchange opinions and views with relevant departments on possible new
  products and projects

- Can conduct interviews with business partners for the purpose of improving
  the existing system

- Can make a proposal to management and relevant departments on plans for
  a new promotion program

- Can analyze the sales plan of a specific big consumer and competitors' current
  business plans

- Can formulate a plan and strategies to minimize the total volume of inventories
  in the supply chain

- Can study the effectiveness and advantages of advanced use of consumers'

- Can prepare a written memo to relevant departments concerning the presenter's
  proposed total review of product concept

- Can design a questionnaire to conduct a monitors' research through the internet