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Application Form
Use English one-byte characters and numbers.

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Japanese Programs by Levels :
Survival Japanese :
1.Tokyo Survival
2.Kansai Survival
Practical Japanese :
Japanese for Specific Purposes :
6.Business Japanese
7.Japanese for Diplomats
8.Japanese for Financial Analysts
9.Japanese for Housewives
10.Japanese for Children
11.Preparatory Course for the Japanese Language
         Proficiency Test (JLPT)
12.Speech, Presentation and Discussion
13.Kanji Reading and Writing
Other Japanese Programs :
14.Intensive Course
15.Group Lesson
16.Japanese Conversation Class
17.Homestay Program
18.Association Program (Kana)
19.Association Program (Kanji)
20.Japanese Level Assessment by MACC Standard Test
Culture Programs :
21.Japanese Culture Orientation
22.Cross-Cultural Communication Program
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4.Regular   5.Intensive  
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