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Management Team
Throughout our many years’ service in the field of Japanese language education, we have always listened to our clients' voices in order to produce the most cost-effective programs and accumulate incomparable expertise in this particular field of corporate training.

With our sincere approach, we have attained mutual trust and friendship with more than 20,000 people of over 35 nationalities.

Corporate Training Team
T. Maeda, Director of Corporate Training
Ms. Maeda is a specialist of contrastive linguistics, sociolinguistics and cross-cultural communications. Since she obtained Master of Arts in England, she has developed and provided corporate training programs of Japanese language and culture to numerous corporations and government agencies as well as universities and research organizations operating in Britain, Japan and globally. In her career spanning over 30+ years as one of the MACC's founding directors, Ms. Maeda has been instrumental in developing businesses, designing new programs and continually upgrading the quality of MACC’s training services and overall operations to achieve the utmost satisfaction of the clients.


M. Ota, Office Coordinator, Tokyo Office

Ms. Ota, after obtaining Master of Sociology in the U.S., started her career with a PR agency in Japan, being engaged in marketing, PR, and network construction. She received a one-year training in the U. S. for global business communication and U.S.-Japan cultural exchange. Her business career also includes planning and executing cross-cultural trainings, translation, and organizing international symposiums. She joined MACC in 2017, and has since for MACC Tokyo Office been in charge of internal/external coordination, program evaluation, recruitment, and office operations to maintain customer satisfaction.


M. Mori, General Manager of Japanese Studies, Kansai
Ms. Mori obtained Bachelor of Education, and spent two years in Ghana, as instructor representing an international cooperation agency in a public sector. After returning to Japan, she obtained the Certificate for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, and took a new position to teach Japanese to overseas students. She joined MACC in 1990, and has since developed and administrated MACC's language training programs in the Kansai region. Ms. Mori's job functions cover all areas of the company’s training programs including customer relations, marketing, human resources and career development, quality control, development of teaching materials and office operations. She currently oversees Kansai Office as General Manager.